Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oatmeal Craisin Cookies

Last night, little miss put in a request for oatmeal cookies. How in the world do you say no to a request like that? We happen to have both raisins and dried cranberries in the house, and I left that choice up to her. She picked cranberries. I was very pleased with that decision.

This kid is truly my daughter, no question of that. I love my stand mixer, and she seems to be following suit. She has always loved watching things mix in it, but today took a shot at manning the controls. And hey, it helps with finger dexterity and control, as well as number recognition, right? That is what I am telling myself. She loved every time it was time to add a new ingredient - more playing with the switch!

A little know part of the process, at least in our house, are the dance breaks we take. We always have to put on "baking/cooking music," and there are just some songs that must be danced to when they come on. This kid seems to share my taste in music, so there is a lot of pop... which I know some people don't like, but it's our kitchen, so hey. It is a ton of fun to watch these dance breaks.

The cookies turned out pretty well! Some hot cocoa (in which she insisted the cookies must be dipped), a yummy cookie... not too shabby for a chilly winter day.

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