Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pseudo Snow Day

The forecast for today was for snow. Lots of snow. Heavy, wet snow. And considering how much snow we have had recently, and how major another foot of snow would be for the area, the local area school districts canceled school for today. Which meant that preschool was canceled, too. We woke up to only a thin coating (well, you know, over the mountains that still haven't melted from last time...), but big heavy flakes falling from the sky. Snow day plans in effect.

We started the day with celebratory snow day pancakes. Little miss helped make them, then also helped pick out the snowman cookie cutter. Because it was a snow day.

After breakfast, we did lots of crafting, including cutting, coloring, stickers, glue and general messiness. When it was time for a break from the crafts, we decided to go outside and build a snowman. The only problem with this was that there really wasn't really all that much new snow. It wasn't sticking at all to the sidewalks or roads, and there was still only a light coating over what had already been there. The good news, though, was that what was there was very easy to pack together, and even the old snow, with the temperature above freezing, was easy enough to gather together and sculpt into a little three-year-old sized snowman. Or... mutant snow monster, considering how it wound up looking. Either way, we managed a muddy snow man out of the slush.

After lunch and more crafts and a whole lot of playing, I continued with my snow-day meal plan, despite the fact that, as of that time, and despite the fact that big flakes had been falling from the sky all day, there was probably a bit less snow on the ground than there had been at the start of the "storm."

What could be better on a chilly and (supposedly) snowy day than homemade chicken soup? Little miss helped me chop veggies (with her toy knife and toy cutting board - I promise I don't let her touch the real knives) and put them in the pot. Carrots, celery, potato, onion and leek, along with some stock simmering on the stove, I also let her pick what shape noodles she wanted. She picked small shells. Add in the remainder of this week's leftover chicken, and this turned into quite a hearty meal.

So according to my kitchen, it was a snow day. According to what I saw out my window? It might as well have been rain. But this storm is supposed to last through noon tomorrow, and the snow has finally starting to stick. So the weather people have another 16 hours to prove that this wasn't all just hype.


  1. Happy Psuedo Snow Day! The soup looks so yummy... I think I can smell it!

  2. Love all the pictures of Little Miss helping you bake and cook. In Australia we don't get many snow days (but we do get some heat-wave days LOL LOL too hot for school!). Love the bread you made and the wise use of left-over chicken and egg whites. Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.


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