Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Girls Only Pizza Night

Daddy had to work late tonight, and had to do a work-dinner thing. You know, when you get to go to a nice restaurant and eat out on expense account, but you don't get to be at home relaxing while you eat...

Anyway, as a result, it was just little miss and me for dinner tonight, and I wanted to make it special. So I asked her what would be special, and she requested a pizza party. Great idea!

Little miss helped me with every step of this dinner. First up was making the pizza dough. We used our old standby recipe, which comes together very quickly and easily. While the stand mixer does most of the heavy lifting (ie: kneading), little miss was more than happy to lend a hand and make sure that the dough was good and ready.

Once we were ready to roll out the dough, I borrowed an idea that I had seen from a couple of online friends to up the fun of our girls only pizza - instead of a regular round pizza, we made ours in the shape of a heart. Very cute! So, dough shaped, little miss was ready to spread out some sauce. She is pretty good at leaving a bit of crust un-sauced around the edges. And she gets it pretty even, too.

Next comes the cheese. Little miss is actually quite funny about cheese. She claims that she does not like cheese, and she refuses to eat "raw" cheese. But she loves ooey, gooey, melty cheese. So when it came time to sprinkle the cheese onto the pizza, she was all over it - piled on as much mozzerella as she could get her hands on, so that her pizza would be extra ooey, gooey and melty. Awesome!

The pizza came out really cute, and little miss was really excited for our special pizza party. And she made sure that we had enough leftovers to save some for daddy.

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