Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Waffles

Little miss told me last week that, one day on the weekend, she wanted to have either pancakes or waffles for breakfast. Either weekend day, either breakfast treat, she just wanted one on one of those days. Saturday morning wound up a little wonky, so I promised her that Sunday would be the day.

When Sunday morning rolled around, I asked little miss to pick between her two choices, and she chose waffles. Which was what daddy and I were hoping she would pick.

Believe it or not, I don't actually have a go-to waffle recipe. I have a really good one, but it is a lot of work, so I only pull it out on super-special occasions. I also have a banana waffle recipe that is delicious, but it is much less special without the bananas. So I did a quick search and picked a new recipe to try. Little miss did as much of the prep work as she could. We each had a little mishap, me with separating an egg, her with a minor spill when pouring in the milk, but all's well that ends well and these cooked up beautifully. The recipe just might make it into my collection...

Anyway, things got interesting when it was time to "dress" our waffles. We set out bowls with strawberries, blackberries and sliced bananas, as well as the traditional syrup. And the can of whipped cream. Because it was Sunday.

Everyone prepared their own waffle. Little miss took the job very seriously, piling it high with fruit, drizzling on the syrup (okay, I helped with that - it's a big jug of syrup and it pours fast) and even putting on her own whipped cream. Then daddy gave the whole thing a sprinkling of cinnamon, just for added measure.

But guess what happens when little miss gets to prepare her own waffle?

She eats every. single. bite.

I'd call that a successful breakfast.

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