Monday, June 28, 2010

June Daring Bakers Challenge... deferred...

I am very, very, very sorry to report that I was not able to do this month's Daring Bakers Challenge. Not that I didn't want to. Because the challenge was chocolate pavlovas, a dessert that looks SO absolutely delicious that it's practically a sin that I didn't make it. I really, really wanted to participate. But this month has been... less than ideal, as far as completing cooking/baking challenges.

The main two reasons for my lack of timely participation in the challenge are physical and environmental. Gee, that explains it.

Physical: first trimester nausea is not conducive to food preparation. Or thinking about food preparation. But it is very good for other things, so, all in all, it's a good thing.

Environmental: I finally decided I was going to buckle down, ignore the stomach, and make the challenge this past weekend. Then a huge storm hit and knocked out the power for over 30 hours, destroying not only my opportunity to bake, but any and all ingredients that were in the refrigerator. Charming.

So I am hoping to make this fantastically delicious looking dessert within the next couple of days, just as soon as I can restock my refrigerator and get the house back in order. My goal is to make this within the next two days, before the next month's challenge is revealed to the bakers, so please check back.


  1. Too bad you weren't able to complete it, but congratulations on the baby on the way!

  2. Please post a comment at the DB's forum when you make it, I'm looking forward to seeing your results!

  3. Hang in there! Love the bun in the oven ;)

  4. I look forward to seeing what you make, and congratulations on having something else baking in the oven!!!


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