Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peaches, Part 1

Is there anything better than fresh picked fruit? Not too much, if you ask me. We are lucky enough to have a great orchard pretty close by, where we try to go pretty often between the Spring and Fall, to pick everything from strawberries (May) to apples (October). This late in the summer, what is in season is peaches.

Little miss loves to pick fruit. She loves that you are allowed (encouraged, in fact!) to taste what you pick, too. And, lucky for me, she also really likes to find new recipes incorporating whatever it is that is in season that we go and pick. Which is why we wind up picking quite a bit... and today was no exception.

I have big plans for these peaches. If I can resist eating them all, since they look and smell so good even just sitting in that box in the kitchen.

We had a hard time stopping today, too, once we really hit our picking stride. I mean, how can you resist a tree full of these?

Stay tuned to see what these turn into!


  1. Thank you for your nice comment. I bawled all the way through writing that post and I NEVER do that.

    Love your pics. I haven't had a decent peach all summer. You have inspired me to go on the hunt.

  2. Heather gave me a ton of peaches when we were in georgia...I came home and made pie, salsa and scones...YUM!


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