Saturday, January 16, 2010

Works in progress...

We've been busy in the kitchen around here, but I don't have too much to show for it. It is quite an odd phenomenon. My mixing bowls, measuring cups and ingredients have been getting a workout, but the mixer is silent, the oven is cold and we've been eating leftovers and all of the previously completed goodies that we have laying around.

So what have we been doing?

Well, for starters... well... making a starter! Yes, I know, it looks more like a science experiment than like something you want to eat, but guess what - it's both. This is what will be a "liquid levain," which will then be made into a sourdough starter, which will then be used as the leavening agent for some seriously yummy looking and sounding breads. And don't be fooled by the "sourdough" name - I fully intend to make something sweet out of this. But we will get to that later. As for now, we're cultivating wild yeast to make a traditional, authentic culture which will hopefully make for some yummy tasting bread products.

We also made some dough tonight to make a fun dessert to bring to dinner with the family tomorrow night. I don't want to give much away, since, well, it isn't done yet, but just know that we were hard at work tonight pulling things together so we can try to make a fun dessert for everyone. The ball of dough is currently resting in the refrigerator, to be further manipulated and cajoled into a tasty concoction tomorrow. I promise I will tell you the real scoop once it is done.

I just didn't want anyone thinking that we slack off around here on the weekends...

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