Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cake Pops (part 2)

Yesterday we made our second round of cake pops for the week, this time to bring in to little miss's ballet class, which was this morning. Since these were going to ballet, I figured we could be a little more girly with our colors and decorations.

Since we only made half of the chocolate cake into pops for her preschool class, we decided to make two flavors for ballet - we made the second half of the chocolate cake with the second half of the chocolate frosting, then we also baked up a yellow cake, and mixed that with vanilla frosting. By this point, little miss was pretty much an expert at the whole process, and wanted to do it herself, but I still maintained supervisory control...

Both flavors of balls in the fridge, we decided to use two different colors of candy coating so that we could differentiate between the two flavors. Little miss chose pink for the chocolate and purple for the vanilla. We also chose cute pastel flower sprinkles to make them extra cute and springy.

Between the two flavors, we wound up with 31 cake pops to bring in, which was more than enough for the 17 girls in the two ballet classes, with plenty to share with the ballet teacher, studio owner, parents and siblings who were hanging around. I gotta say, though, that I was ready to be done by the time I hit number 31... I was proud that there were no casualties this time. At least, none that couldn't be fixed with an extra little drizzle of melted candy... These were definitely a fun way to celebrate little miss's birthday with her classmates and fellow ballerinas.

And in case you are curious, little miss chose pancakes for her birthday breakfast, and asked me to make her a GIANT pancake. Then she asked if she could have chocolate syrup on it. Happy 4th birthday, little miss!

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  1. Awww.... Happy 4th indeed Lil Miss Helper :) Fabulous cake pops and what a great idea for birthday breakfast!!


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