Monday, May 17, 2010

Plant a seed, watch it grow...

...and sooner or later, you get to eat something you planted yourself!

About a month ago, little miss and I picked out some seeds for our this-year attempt at some container gardening (oh, to one day have a real yard with a real garden...). I read somewhere that radishes are among the best vegetables to plant with kids - they are quickest to reach harvest, so require slightly less patience than other crops. So on a sunny April afternoon, little miss and grabbed some planters, some shovels and some dirt, and got down to work. Little miss loves to dig in the dirt, and is actually very patient about waiting for her plants to grow. She is very diligent about watering her plants, too, as well as those of any neighbor who gives her the go-ahead.

I will admit that I knew nothing about radishes other than that they grow fast and that they are red and round. So imagine our joint surprise and excitement this week, when checking on our little pot, when I saw some red round bulges at the bottom of our sprouts! Little miss was so excited to (carefully!) begin our harvest.

And look what we wound up with! I know they are small - our pot is a little over-crowded. And, best of all? Little miss loves them.

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