Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Ah, Halloween. The holiday where we take candy from strangers, stay up past bedtime and sugar up our kids beyond what we would ever reasonably do.

So what better way is there to celebrate Halloween than to make extra sweets?? Little miss and I decided to have a little bit of fun this weekend and make some ghoulish goodies.

We started by making ghost-pretzels, which are basically pretzel rods dipped in melted white chocolate and decorated with Halloween sprinkles. We originally intended to actually decorate them as ghosts, but little miss was having way too much fun with the sprinkles to try to be precise, and we just went with it. The funniest part is that little miss actually claims to not like pretzels... yet somehow managed to eat a few these guys. Maybe it's the chocolate, maybe it's the sprinkles, maybe it's the Halloween spirit, but somehow she managed to enjoy them.

For our other Halloween treat, I decided to try something I have seen all around the food-blog-world recently - ghost cupcakes. I modeled my cupcakes on these cute ghosties, using the cupcake recipe listed there, but not the frosting. I was planning on making a marshmallow frosting, but at the last minute switched to a simple cream cheese frosting. Since the ghosts are basically a huge swirl of frosting, we decided to make only half of our cupcakes into ghosts, and to just frost and decorate the other half of them with our trusty Halloween sprinkles.

Our ghosts didn't really look to ghostly, but overall, the cupcakes were a ton of fun to make and were a super cute way to celebrate the day. We shared them with the family at Halloween brunch, and for whatever they lacked in ghostiness, they made up for in fun.

I hope you all had a fun, festive and sugar-high filled Halloween!


  1. Those are such cute ghosts! It sounds like you and your daughter had a wonderful day together in the kitchen. I didn't have any Halloween treats, but my students were certainly sugared up (and still are)!


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