Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How cute are these??

Are these not the cutest kitchen tools you have ever seen??

Little miss received these as a gift from our awesome neighbor, who just happens to have the coolest job in the world. He is a food stylist, and does a lot of work for a locally-based home shopping cable network. He stopped by yesterday with these adorable gadgets, saying that they'd been used in a demonstration that day, and that he automatically thought of little miss when it was time to close up the shoot (seeing as they could no longer be sold, having been used once).

Little miss wanted to test them out as soon as possible. Since yesterday was a pretty busy day, "as soon as possible" was actually this morning for breakfast, when we decided that, in order to use as many of these utensils as possible, we'd make pancakes.

She started by measuring the flour. With "Cuppy." Oh yes, they all have names. Cuppy was almost "Measure-y," but she changed her mind...

The dry ingredients were whisked together with "Whisker." Who was almost "Whiskey," but I sort of steered her towards a name fewer people would misunderstand... or give me funny looks upon hearing...

The wet ingredients were then mixed in with, you guessed it, "Spoony."

Once the batter was ready, it was my turn to take over, since I think that four is a little young to be working a griddle pan... But she did request that, when flipping the pancakes, I use "Flipper" rather than own utensils. I have to admit - it was definitely fun. I did have to reposition his arms and legs a little bit in order to get a good grip on him, but that was actually fairly amusing.

The only guy we didn't get to try out making these pancakes was the orange spatula, appropriately named "Spatulie" (I have no idea how to actually spell that...), but that doesn't mean that he was ignored. The whole gang had front row access to our setup and cleanup.

Speaking of cleanup, seeing these guys in the sink waiting to be washed was pretty funny...

A huge thank you to our awesome, generous neighbor - these are a huge hit.

And in case you are interested, I did happen to find them online. And am seriously tempted to complete our collection...


  1. Oh those are so darn cute! It would hard to cook, because you would want to play with them instead hahaha!

  2. That's awesome! Right up her alley! I swear I'll be buying her cookbook in 20 yrs saying... I knew it! ;) Yay for awesome neighbors!

  3. I have a feeling that when I get this for my sister they would end up in my niece's toy box than in my sister's kitchen drawer.They look wonderful :)


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