Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BBD #53 - Swirly Bread Roundup!

I have been waiting for a month to share this post.
It's a post that was a whole month in the making.
It has been a pleasure all month to check my inbox and be greeted by beautiful, delicious swirliness.

It is my honor and pleasure to present to you the roundup for Bread Baking Day #53 - Swirly Breads!

The first beautiful bread is an Estonian Kringle with coconut.

It was baked by Connie, who comes from the Netherlands and lives in Thailand. Connie blogs at my discovery of Bread.

The next bread is a delicious Wild Garlic Pesto-Italian Cheese-Knot

It was baked by Sandra, from Seeheim, Germany, who blogs at from-snuggs-kitchen.

Our next swirly deliciousness is this lovely Paprika Brotschnecke / Paprika Bread Plait.

This savory filled bread was baked by Katha in Berlin Germany, who blogs at Katha-kocht!

This next mouthwatering beauty is a Kanlefläta - Cinnamon Swedish Braid.

This braided, cinnamon-y delight was baked by Barbara, from Sweden, who blogs at My Italian Smörgåsbord.

Our next bread took a slightly different inspiration from our "swirly" theme, and presented us with this beautiful Wurzelbrot With Walnuts, which she called her swirly bread with a twist.

This twisty, swirly goodness was baked by Ninive, from Germany, who blogs at ninivepisce - Music, Dreams & more.

The next swirly beauty is this delicious looking Zimtwirbelbrot, a cinnamon swirly bread.

This cinnamon-swirled loaf was baked by Bella in Otterwisch Germany, who blogs at Kirschfrau.

The next submission for this month comes in the form of these beautiful and adorable Kanelbullar (Swedish Cinnamon Buns).

These gorgeous little swirls were baked by Korena from British Columbia, Canada, who blogs at Korena in the Kitchen.

Another wonderful, mini, swirly beauty came to us in the form of the amazing chocolate swirly brioche buns.

These delicious swirls were baked by Jenni in Ohio, USA, who blogs at The Gingered Whisk.

Our next swirly bread is the delicious chocolate babka.

This beauty was baked by Ruth in Pennsylvania, USA, who blogs at The Crafts of Mommyhood.

The next submission is a savory, spicy Sriracha Cheddar and Pepper Jack Swirl Loaf.

This amazing bread was baked by Lisa in New Jersey, USA, who blogs at Parsley, Sage & Sweet.

Lisa also earns an honorable mention, as she was doubly inspired this month, and prepared a second swirl - this Three Cheese Prosciutto, Roasted Red Pepper, Broccoli Rabe Stromboli.

Yum! Thanks, Lisa!

The next submission brought us back to mini-swirls with these beautiful Walnut-Honey Swirls.

These sweet treats were baked by none other than our wonderful founder Zorra, in Andalucia, Spain, who blogs at 1x umrühren bitte aka kochtopf.

Following the sweets, our next bread brought us back to some savory swirls with this lovely Sun-dried Tomato and Parmesan Swirl Bread.

This flavorful bread was baked by Judy, in California, USA, who blogs at Judy's Gross Eats.

Our next swirls help bring us into the autumn mood with these beautiful Apple, almond and cinnamon swirls.

This apple-y goodness was baked by Manuela, from Portugal but living in São Paulo, Brazil, who blogs at Cravo & Canela.

Our next beautiful swirls came in the form of this lovely Roses Cake.

This delightful confection was baked by Cinzia, from Garda Lake, Italy, who blogs at Cindystar.

And, finally, my own submission for this month's swirly bread challenge. I baked a chocolate povitica.

I also baked a cinnamon swirl bread this month, as I couldn't get enough of the gorgeous, swirly goodness!

Thank you so much to all of the fabulous bakers who participated this month - it has been an honor and a pleasure seeing each of these delicious goodies come into my inbox, and I look forward to trying each and every one of these!

Thanks, Zorra, for the opportunity to host this wonderful event and I look forward to baking with you all again soon!


  1. great job for the presentation of this roundup!!! first time I participate and it is so nice to see all the breads with the enthusiastic description of what they are! thank you for the nice words you had for each of us. xox

  2. Gorgeous round-up, Shelley!! Every single bread is one I want to make! Thank you for adding in my stromboli - definitely a better swirly than the sriracha bread! Fantastic hosting job, my friend!!

  3. Thanks Shelley for the great round up of all those beautiful swirls. I enjoyed it very much and will bake some of them.

  4. Also a big thank you for the round-up, and your enthusiastic comments on each and every entry. I already found some swirls I would like to try out myself.

  5. What a wonderfull round-up of delicious breads! Thank you for hosting this BBD and give us such good idea.

  6. All the breads look and sound delicious. Where to begin? Great roundup!

  7. Oh Oh ... my head is swirling ... :-)) ... too many "swirl" to enjoy!
    Thanks for the recap and comments, let's all bake for BBD forever! :-)

  8. Look at all those amazing swirls! I think I have bookmarked every single one of them to make! :) And what a wonderful job you did on the roundup, too! You picked an awesome theme this month, awesome job Shelley!!

  9. Beautiful round up, love all those swirls. Each and every one looks so yummy. Couldn't make it myself baking this time, maybe next time. :)

  10. Can't decide what to bake first! All look so yummie. Thank you for hosting and a big thanks to all the participants, too!


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