Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day - part two

Well, we had another snow day today! Luckily it finally stopped snowing last night, but there was still the little matter of clearing things up. I happen to have the best group of neighbors in the world, and everyone has been super great about helping each other out and making sure that no one is stranded. Seriously great people.

Little miss wanted more crepes for breakfast, so I decided to try bananas as a topping today. My helper asked if she could slice the bananas for me, and, since they are soft and can be cut with a butter knife, I decided to let her give it a try. I asked her to try to make the pieces as close to the same size as she could, and, I have to tell you, she did a really good job! And she only tasted a couple slices...

Instead of maple syrup, I used brown sugar, and these cooked up beautifully. The flavor was just... fantastic. As I said yesterday, these will definitely be made again. Little miss wants to try to make fillings out of pretty much every fruit you can think of, so we will have lots of variety, too! I love it when recipes work out this way.

Anyway, breakfast done, it was time to go out in the snow. While I shoveled, little miss did some mountain climbing:

and a little shoveling:

And after a couple of hours, it was definitely time to come in for some cocoa.

But, like a normal kid, there's only so long you can keep her out of the snow, so after some lunch and a little bit of down-time, over to the sledding hill we went. And, despite some protests, I did make sure that she knew that bringing the sled back up the hill is a necessary part of the sledding process, and, while I know it is easier for her if I do it, it is something I had faith that she could do.

I finally convinced her to come in (my toes were ice cubes!) by promising to make mac'n'cheese for her for dinner. I love that my kid loves comfort food on a cold, snowy day! I always let her pick what shape pasta she wants, and tonight she picked shells. Good choice! And the leftovers will make a great lunch tomorrow.

All in all, a couple of good snow days, but I must say - I am definitely looking forward to venturing out in the world tomorrow.

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