Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Sugar Cookies

Apparently I signed up to send in a snack to little miss's preschool class tomorrow. I didn't realize I had, but when the monthly calendar came home, her name was on it for tomorrow's date, so I must have volunteered. Not that that's a problem - I signed up for a few dates, so what's one more. Now I just had to figure out what to send in...

With all the snow last week, her school wound up being canceled last Thursday, the day that the kids were supposed to have their Valentine's Day celebration.

I know, that seemed like a random thought to throw in there, right? I swear it's related.

I don't know if another kid (or, realistically, another kid's mom...) was scheduled to send something in as a snack for the party, and, if they were, if they will send something in tomorrow, the re-scheduled date of the party. So I decided to play it safe and make cookies. In the shapes of hearts. That way, if another mom sends in cupcakes or something, these will be different, and if no one does bring in some other snack, the shape will show the intention of celebrating Valentine's Day. Right? Either way, the shape of the month in the class is, appropriately enough, a heart, so can't go wrong. Or something like that.

Little miss requested gingerbread cookies, but I have no molasses, so I asked if sugar cookies would be an okay substitute. Since they still involve rolling, cookie cutters and sprinkles, she was okay with the substitution. There are a ton of sugar cookie recipes out there, and I don't actually have a go-to one. So today I picked this one. I mean, she calls them the best ever. Sounds good to me!

Any cut-out cookies are fun, and these were no different. Little miss helped me cut out the shapes, and decorate the cookies. And is very excited about telling her teachers and classmates that she made these.

We only rolled out half the dough, since a three-year-old's attention span, even when doing something fun, can only last so long. And because there are only 9 kids in her class. Now I just hope that the flurries we saw earlier this evening don't accumulate, and that she gets to bring these in tomorrow!

The fact that we only baked half of the cookies, by the way, means that I have half a batch of sugar cookie dough in my fridge to be rolled and baked within the next couple if days. I actually trying to think of other things I might be able to do with it... So stay tuned!

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